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University of East London Signs Partnership with the Australian College of Physical Education

12 July 2011


The Career Education Division is pleased to announce the establishment of a partnership between The University of East London and ACPE.

This is the first partnership established since the introduction of Study Abroad at ACPE. The partnership recognises the quality of programmes at each institution and their mutual commitment to academic quality and graduate outcomes. With UEL’s new strategic objectives to be London’s number one university in sport and to expand their global reach, ACPE is seen as a key strategic partner.

This agreement also marks the next stage in ACPE’s plan to lift its profile internationally. As both institutions offer degrees in Fitness, Sports Coaching and Sports Business as well as related post-graduate programmes, ACPE looks forward to welcoming UEL students to their Sydney campus from Semester One, 2012.

With the London Olympics taking place in 2012 and UEL’s £170 million campus development, including a major new sports complex, also scheduled for completion in 2012, it is a fitting time for the establishment of this agreement.

Both institutions have Olympic stars in their midst, for various reasons. The US team is slated to call UEL’s new state-of-the-art facilities home during the London Olympics whilst ACPE, with 10% of the student body classified as elite athletes, will have representatives competing at the Games in a broad range of sports.

The establishment of this agreement will benefit both institutions. ACPE is destined to broaden its student mix from its current 95% Australian student population and UEL will gain value from ACPE’s expertise in sporting education and Study Group’s expertise in educating international students.

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