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Study Group Provides Financial Assistance for Incoming Students

03 October 2013

In order to help students realize their dreams to study in the United States, Study Group is providing several financial assistance offers with universities across the United States.

It’s true; the cost of university in America can be expensive. However, it is important to consider that universities in America often give cost estimates which are all inclusive. The projected price contains tuition, student fees, transit passes, insurance, housing, meal plans and even estimated personal expenses. In order to give a more accurate representation and allow for ease of budget planning, Study Group includes these costs in their total expenses. Therefore, the initial price shock may not be as daunting as it first appeared.

Each year, thousands of international students make a university in the United States their new home. In fact, the United States is the most popular destination for international student study with 16% of international students choosing to study in America. The benefits of study in America can often outweigh the costs. Advantages include:

  • Language improvement: studying English in a native setting improves language comprehension, accent and vocabulary
  • Internships and employment opportunities may be more available to students who have completed university in the United States
  • Career Advancement: companies look favorably upon resumes and CVs which include international study

Study Group has collaborated with universities across the United States to provide English language support for international university students. In America, there are currently seven partner universities to choose from which means there is a university which is suited for every type of student.
In order to help students realize their dreams to study in the United States, Study Group is providing several financial assistance offers. The first is an Early Payment Bursary worth $1,000 towards the undergraduate first semester for any student who pays all associated fees by November 1st, 2013. For qualifying students, this amount will automatically be deducted from the invoice. Please note that this offer cannot be combined with any other discount, bursary or scholarship offered through the International Study Center.

The second financial bursary is a scholarship up to $5,000 offered to academically qualifying students for Roosevelt University, Widener University, James Madison University (JMU) and University of Maine (UMaine). Contact the North America Brand Specialist for more information about students who may qualify for this scholarship.

Thirdly, in partnership with the University of Vermont (UVM), Study Group will offer a renewable scholarship for international students who enroll in the UVM Global Gateway Program (GGP) for a January, May or September 2014 start date. For enrolling students, Study Group will determine both the scholarship amount and student eligibility through interviews, high school grades and English language level.  For year two and on, the scholarship will be renewed based on the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the previous year. For a cumulative GPA of 3.5-4.0 $10,000 will be awarded; $8,000 for 3.0-3.4 cumulative GGP GPA; $4,000 for a 2.75-2.9 cumulative GGP GPA.

With these offers of financial assistance, Study Group hopes to make higher education more affordable for international students.

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