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Study Group acquires EdTech platform, Insendi

10 February 2020

Study Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Insendi, the sector-leading EdTech platform innovator.

  • Technology and learning experts with a strong teaching and learning focus offer an exceptional fit with Study Group’s strategy.
  • Move described as an opportunity to enhance Study Group’s position as a leading provider of international education in an area of growing importance to students and universities.
  • Insendi to operate as a separate company within Study Group to retain its focus on innovation in online higher education.

The International Education provider Study Group is to acquire the sector-leading learning experience platform developer Insendi in what is seen as a significant opportunity for business growth in online, blended and international education.

Chief Executive of Study Group Emma Lancaster commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Insendi to the Study Group family. I have been deeply impressed by the team’s technical credentials as a company which grew out of their work at Imperial College and their focus on engaging higher education learning using their platform.

“Insendi is a great company with high-quality international higher education partners and an exciting potential in its own right. Together with Study Group’s 25 years of experience of working with university partners and helping international students succeed, we see significant opportunities.

“We are particularly attracted to working with Insendi because of their strong educational focus and background, and we are confident that the ability of our students to progress to excellent universities, to thrive and achieve success in their studies and careers will be enhanced by this development.”

Director and co-founder of Insendi Dr David LeFevre, also the Director of the EdTech Lab at Imperial College, said:

“Insendi is extremely pleased to become part of the Study Group family, while maintaining our own unique identity and reputation. Together we see genuine complementary strengths and a real potential for business growth in the future.

“Key to this opportunity is our mutual commitment to excellent education. Increasingly, the teaching and support of students draws on the breakthrough technologies that are impacting our society. Study Group and Insendi are aligned in a commitment to the potential of new technologies informed by educational research to support learning and enhance student attainment.

“Our shared view is that these technologies are increasingly important to students and teachers and they will play a pivotal role in the future as international education addresses questions of access, resilience and environmental sustainability. We are excited about exploring these possibilities.”

Insendi will retain its own distinctive brand, board and specialism within the Group. Study Group will also work closely with Insendi to develop its online student support and bespoke provision in the years to come.

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