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Pakistan to be the location for the next Building Futures school project

21 May 2013

Study Group is pleased to announce a new Building Futures project in the Vehari district, Pakistan. In a country where 25 million children do not receive any education, and the overall literacy rate is 46% and only 26% for girls, our project will really make a difference.

What is planned for the Pakistan project?

  • Classroom construction in seven primary schools to provide protected learning spaces for children.
  • Construction/replacement and raising boundary walls in two girls' elementary schools – protecting 600 girls and the school belongings during school times and creating opportunities to participate in outdoor activities openly and freely.
  • Repair of toilet blocks in 20 schools (including piping, electric water pumps, new bore holes, water tanks, taps, septic tanks, wash basins, new floors, plastering and pointing, weather shielding and distempering).

Nine years and counting

Conceived as a direct response to the devastation and loss caused by the Asian Tsunami in 2004, Study Group’s Building Futures now supports projects all over the world. Building Futures is supported by a combination of corporate donations, staff and student fundraising.

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