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Official Launch of Newly Refurbished Embassy Toronto Study Centre

21 February 2012

The centre has undergone a major transformation in the past couple of months with new flooring and décor throughout, internal glass windows installed to bring in more light, new furniture in the classrooms, more interactive whiteboards and comfortable seating in the spacious student lounge.

Guests enjoyed some wonderful company, a tour of the facilities, a champagne toast given by Operations Director Nick Stratford, and the opportunity for some real hands-on learning with lessons given by teachers on interactive whiteboards. The highlight of the evening though was undoubtedly the speeches given by five students – from Brazil, Korea, Mexico and two from Japan – each of whom explained what they like about the centre and Toronto. All five had some lovely comments about the friendliness of the staff, their really helpful teachers, the new interactive whiteboards and of course the new look and feel of the centre. The most charming comment of the evening was from the Mexican student who said that he thanked his parents every day for sending him on this experience!

Embassy Toronto is situated in the trendy area of Yorkville, home to designer boutiques and fashionable restaurants. It is located on the 8th and 9th floors of an office building accessible by elevators, and has fabulous views of downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario from the south-facing windows. Famous clothing brands, well known coffee shops, and a wide range of affordable food options are all in the immediate vicinity of the study centre.

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