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New Study Group partnership will connect even more international students with collaborating universities

16 January 2018

Times Higher Education and Study Group will connect international talent with the best academic institutions worldwide

We are delighted to report that Study Group and Times Higher Education announce a new collaboration to assist international students with enrolling at leading universities globally.

The service will go live in early 2018 and will be available directly from THE World University Rankings websites. Students will be able to contact an international education specialist online who can provide guidance on making a successful application. Those who first benefit from such advice will be arriving at Universities in Q3 2018.

Study Group has informed its collaborating universities of this new opportunity. Many of them have expressed strong interest and intend to sign up.

Rob Grimshaw, CEO of TES Global, owners of Times Higher Education, said: “We have thousands of international students conducting research on the World University Rankings websites every day and are delighted to partner with Study Group to deliver them all the support they need to choose and successfully enrol at a leading University. Study Group is the ideal partner to provide the expert counselling for international students given they already work with high quality Universities and recruit and teach over 60,000 international students per year”.

David Leigh, CEO of Study Group, added: “Times Higher Education is the pre-eminent Higher Education brand that publishes the world’s most influential university ranking and attracts over 30m visitors to its websites per year. With such privileged access to students and parents who are researching their options, there is no better organisation for us to work with to develop a world class service for students and a truly differentiated international student recruitment service for Universities”.

Times Higher Education is the company behind one of the world’s most influential university rankings, with THE World University Ranking websites enjoying thousands of daily readers.

Study Group would like to congratulate everyone involved on their hard work in this collaboration to provide students with a unique learning experience.

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