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Excellent results for international students studying U.S. pathway programmes

18 September 2020

Following progression news from the UK yesterday, the latest student results from Study Group show international students have continued to thrive in U.S. pathway programmes too, despite the challenges of coronavirus.

Summer term results for student success in Study Group’s U.S. pathway programmes reveal an exceptional student satisfaction rate of 95%, a completion rate of 94%, and 93% progression.

Josh Rubin, Vice President of Operations for Study Group in North America congratulated both students and staff for their exemplary efforts at a challenging time:

“To maintain such high standards of student success in this new environment, both in and outside the classroom, is a phenomenal achievement. We want to acknowledge the tremendous determination of international students as they have pursued their studies in the face of real uncertainty and global concern about the pandemic. They have not allowed these challenges to deter them from achieving their ambitions and they have been a credit to themselves, their families and their countries.”

“These superb results are also a testament to all the hard work put in by our own and our university partner’s staff and faculty to achieve these results. The innovation we’ve seen in the use of technology to support education at a distance for example over the past six months would have usually taken years. Being motivated to help students succeed has meant that all involved in teaching and support have found ways to ensure the student education has stayed on track, ensuring our students can continue into their university places and careers after graduation.”

Academic success and student satisfaction are at the core of Study Group’s mission to build ‘a better world through education’. Throughout the pandemic, students have remained the focal point of Study Group programming. Although Study Group in North America has traditionally operated solely through face-to-face instruction, the necessary shift to virtual learning has been a shared challenge for students, staff, and faculty. Study Group is now committed to building on what it has learned about online teaching and feedback to help students achieve even higher results as they return to in-person education.

Study Group North America's Director of Academic Affairs, Lauren McConatha, added:

“Faculty members have gone through a tremendous amount of upheaval during this transition to virtual learning. The strong student performance in these challenging circumstances speaks to the excellence and impressive adaptability of the instruction. We have students studying all over the world and to deliver high-quality programmes to them all is a huge feat."


Note: The definitions for the data points above are:

Completion – the % of students who completed their programme of study out of all of those who started, in any term, with that intended completion date. (completers / total starters).

Progression – the % of students who were eligible to move to the partner university of the total students who completed their programme.

Satisfaction – the % of students who responded "agree" or "strongly agree" to our programme satisfaction question.

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