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A New Look for Embassy

03 September 2012

Since Embassy and the Center for English became Embassy CES in 1998, our Language Education business has grown dramatically. We made significant investments in the brand to firmly establish our reputation for using leading edge technology, high quality premises and premier student outcomes.

Reflecting this growth and a bringing more clarity to our market positioning, we have rebranded the Embassy suite of products and are delighted to announce the new name of Embassy CES is Embassy English. The innovation does not end there; the website is currently being completely redesigned to match the vibrant new logo, and together with newly branded brochures, is set for launch in early 2013.

Our sub-brands, Embassy Summer and Embassy Pathways, have also been given a refresh that fits within the overall Embassy English style. Our premier group travel product MW will become Embassy Academy, also with a distinguished new identity reflecting its exclusive positioning in market. A new product, Embassy StudyTours, will identify our group product for the rapidly growing market for year round programs.

Overall, this move to refresh the brands puts a more accurate visual representation in market andwill help to consolidate the existing strength of our highly successful language schools.

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