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Sales and Marketing

We excel at sales and marketing. It’s the reason why so many universities want to work with us. It’s the process that ensures that each student makes the right choice for their long-term benefit. It’s what drives our business growth.

Sales and Marketing at Study Group

We’re committed to growth and offer exciting opportunities for ambitious people

The phenomenal growth in demand from students in emerging nations combined with the need to respond to deregulation, economic pressure and technological advances, makes international higher education an exciting market, poised on the edge of transformation. 

Fuelled by growing affluence and a desire to be part of the global economy, this is creating unprecedented demand with established higher education institutions in developed nations around the world. Study Group helps these schools, universities and colleges engage fully with this remarkable market opportunity on an international scale.

We work with our universities to develop bespoke international courses. We provide world-class teaching to bridge students’ academic, learning and cultural gaps. We market programmes globally, using channels and techniques appropriate to each individual region.

If you would like to bring your sales and marketing skills to a global business that transforms thousands of individuals’ lives each year, apply to Study Group today.