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Closing date for applications: DAY MONTH YEAR

Job Description

Insert supplied job description paragraph or the supplied job description bullet points.
If supplied and requested insert and make bold the working hours, if it is full time or part time and the salary.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Bullet points for the key responsibilities of the job

Break up the separate subcategories with bolded titles

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3


  • Paste attributes here

Selection Criteria

Qualifications and Training

  • Paste Qualification and Training bullets here

Experience Required

  • Paste Experience Required bullets here

Knowledge and Skills

  • Paste knowledge and Skills bullets here

Organisational Compliance

This copy is often supplied but if not the default is as follows: 

'The position holder must comply with Study Group policies and applicable laws including those in relation, but not limited to: Occupational Health and Safety; Anti-Discrimination and Harassment, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and those specifically relevant to the position and authority of the job holder.'


Sometimes requests have specific application copy supplied.

The default copy is as follows: 

'Please apply with a CV, covering letter and completed application form to Name of person receiving application, Job title of person receiving applicants.

Application deadline Time - Day - Date - Month



Application form located in Media Library/Corporate site/Files/Job Descriptions/Application_Form_Rev_1116

Jobs received from Lisa Elliot are posted for a period of 4 weeks and applicants should be directed to the Linkedin page Lisa supplies
Jobs received from Angela Mynott or Frankie Imi posted for the period of time requested - if any information is missing, such as application deadline: set to 4 weeks, email Angela or Frankie back, notify them of deadline and request that if deadline is too long that it be supplied.

Job titles in the tree should be titled: JOB TITLE -APPLICATION DEADLINE (in this format 'Centre Director 24022017'