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Head of Science

Closing date for applications: 4 December 2017

Job Description

Bellerbys College Cambridge wishes to appoint a full time, dynamic Head of Faculty to lead an experienced and capable team of teachers. As a College specialising in Science and Engineering, Science is a key subject area which benefits from substantial curriculum time, delivering a range of courses including IGCSE, A level, and the Bellerbys University Foundation Programme. The post will appeal to a skilled and passionate teacher with a proven track record of successful leadership, showing an ability to influence outcomes at all levels.

Bellerbys College, Cambridge, aims to be the first choice destination for international students wanting a pre-university education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Location: Cambridge

Contract: Full time, permanent

Key Responsibilities 

Faculty Leadership

  • Show clear vision, a sense of purpose and have high aspirations for the College, with a strong focus on student outcomes.
  • Strategically plan to reflect and promote the College's ambitions and goals through the work of the Faculty.
  • Inspire, motivate, influence and provide good role model behaviours for staff and students.
  • Create a cohesive and effective team of high quality teaching staff.
  • Produce a handbook for the Faculty and update it annually to clearly communicate Faculty procedures, clarify programmes of study, and highlight specific responsibilities and roles of members of the Faculty.
  • Participate and lead by example in local and college-wide activities.
  • Advise students, parents and visitors to the College about courses run by the Faculty.
  • Input into and produce marketing materials describing courses run by the Faculty.


  • Be accountable for the quality of teaching and learning within the Faculty and provide appropriate advice and training to Faculty members where required.
  • Ensure availability of appropriate materials and up to date, effective schemes of work for all subjects in the Faculty. Ensure all relevant subject and syllabus information is disseminated to teaching staff within the Faculty.
  • Actively stay abreast of new developments within the subject areas of the Faculty and disseminate these to staff.
  • Advise on the allocation of students to classes.
  • In conjunction with the Academic Director and others staff as required, take steps to raise provision and outcomes for specific groups of students in the Faculty (eg: SEND, G&T).
  • Promote the use of interactive learning technologies across the Faculty by embedding use within the curriculum.
  • Ensure there are clear and accurate records and information available for external regulatory inspections.
  • Lead and co-ordinate the provision of enrichment activities of the Faculty, developing close links to the relevant areas of the curriculum or to provide broader opportunities for learning.


  • Ensure high quality assessment procedures, recording and reporting is in place for all courses within the Faculty and continuously measure the effectiveness of these with actual student outcomes.
  • Monitor the progress of students in the Faculty. Identify additional interventions to improve likely student outcomes, and share any wider concerns or action plans with Senior Tutors/Academic Director.
  • Analyse the academic results of the Faculty annually and produce the Faculty annual report Identify trends in data and areas/action plans for further improvement for inclusion in the Faculty/Academic Development plan.
  • Ensure Faculty members develop high quality methods and procedures for preparing students for both internal and external examinations.
  • Coordinate and check the accuracy of the entry of students for public and internal exams (in conjunction with Exams Officer).
  • Ensure there are clear and accurate records and information available for external regulatory inspections.


  • Ensure appropriate mix of staff in the Faculty to deliver curriculum and provide sufficient flexibility to cover unexpected absence.
  • Liaise with the A level Programme Manager over timetabling for the Faculty.
  • Advise/liaise with Academic Director of recruitment requirements on staffing.
  • Lead the interview process of candidates for roles within the Faculty, with support from Academic Director and others as required.
  • Deliver an effective Faculty induction for all new staff, ensuring new teachers are clear on performance and behaviour expectations in the Faculty and wider College. Monitor performance for new starters on a regular basis as they settle in.
  • Undertake regular announced and unannounced observations of lessons of members of the Faculty. Take steps to drive regular peer observations as a means to drive the sharing of best practice.
  • In conjunction with the Academic Director, take action to ensure that all staff are supported with timely and appropriate Continual Professional Development.
  • Lead formal staff appraisal activities, supported by inputs from Academic Director and Principal as required.
  • Act as line manager to staff within the Faculty.
  • Hold Faculty meetings on a regular basis, ensuring that decisions and action points are communicated and followed up on a timely basis.
  • Attend Heads of Faculty meetings as needed to discuss Faculty and whole college issues.
  • Teach a reduced timetable depending on size of Faculty.
  • Manage the Faculty budgets/ subjects in liaison with Academic Director, ensuring that tuition margin targets are met.
  • Ensure appropriate use and availability of Faculty resources.
  • Coordinate purchasing of text books and purchasing and maintenance of other resources for the Faculty.
  • Advise Academic Director/Principal on any Capital Expenditure bids relating to the Faculty in preparation for each financial year.
  • Be aware of any Health and Safety issues relating to the Faculty; draft relevant policies, monitor adherence and report any concerns to Academic Director/Principal.
  • Ensure all areas pertaining to the Faculty are kept clean and tidy and well presented.
  • Ensure appropriate posters and other display materials are available for subjects in the Faculty.


  • Other related activities as may be reasonably requested by the Academic Director/Principal.

Organisational Compliance

The position holder must comply with Study Group policies and applicable laws including those in relation, but not limited to: Occupational Health and Safety; Anti-Discrimination and Harassment, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and those specifically relevant to the position and authority of the job holder.


Please apply with a CV, covering letter and completed application form to Marta Wilk.

Application deadline 4 December 2017