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University of Vermont International Study Center website launches

25 October 2013

Study Group launches brand new website for the University of Vermont International Study Center. 

A new website for the University of Vermont International Study Center launched on October 21st, 2013, two and a half months before the Center itself will open its doors to students. In keeping with Study Group’s focus on representing the University partner, the website matches the responsive design and creative elements of the University’s website.

In addition to ease of viewing across various devices, the website offers potential students a fully-integrated online application form. This comes in good time, with three weeks to the application deadline for the January 2014 intake. Other features highlighted on the website are:

  • Clear instructions on admissions process for Direct entry applicants
  • Useful links and social media buttons prominent across all pages
  • Detailed scholarship eligibility
  • Full coverage of all rankings
  • Full list of majors, by discipline
  • Information about internships, employers, and successful alumni, to showcase the excellent graduate outcomes at University of Vermont (UVM)
  • International student testimonials

Supplementing online recruitment as well as supporting the in-market launch for UVM, is the University of Vermont ISC Facebook Page, launched August 1st, 2013. In just over two months, the page has already gained more than 4,500 followers.

Programs for International Students

The UVM Global Gateway program provides a two and three-term general undergraduate pathway that combines English training and academic course credits. This approach facilitates a smooth progression into degree success and helps students fully integrate into American university life while enjoying the full UVM experience. Students choose from 101 degrees from 7 undergraduate colleges and schools:

  • Agriculture & Life Sciences
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Education & Social Services
  • Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Nursing & Health Sciences

For more information see the University of Vermont International Study Center website.

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