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University of Vermont and Study Group Offer Scholarship for Global Gateway Program

17 September 2013

It’s true, the cost of university in America can be expensive. However, it is important to consider that universities in America often give cost estimates which are all inclusive. The projected price contains tuition, student fees, transit passes, insurance, housing, meal plan and even estimated living expenses. Often to give a more accurate representation, the university includes these costs in their total expenses. Therefore, the initial price shock may not be as daunting as it first appeared.

Thousands of international students make a university in the United States their new home. In fact, the United States is the most popular destination for international student study with 16% of all international students choosing to study in America. The benefits of study in America can often outweigh the costs. Some advantages are:

  • Language improvement: studying English in a native setting improves language comprehension, accent and vocabulary
  • Internships and employment opportunities may be more available to students who have completed university in the United States
  • Career Advancement: companies look favorably upon resumes and CVs which include international study

Study Group has partnered with universities all across the United States – with so many options to choose from, there is a university which is suited for every type of student*. For those students who value study at a prestigious university, the University of Vermont (UVM) is a good fit. UVM is listed in the U.S. News and World Report as a top 100 ranked university in the United States. The school is the 5th oldest in New England after Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown. Attending this school is an investment in future career choices and additional education because of its stature and strategic location in New England, an area recognized for its prestige and longstanding universities.

In order to help students realise their dream to study in New England at a respected university, Study Group and UVM have joined together to offer a substantial scholarship to all qualifying international students who enroll in the UVM Global Gateway Program (GGP)  for a January, May or September 2014 start date.

The award is renewable as long as a strong Grade Point Average (GPA) is maintained in the Global Gateway Program: $10,000 per year for 3.5-4.0 cumulative GGP GPA; $8,000 per year for 3.0-3.4 cumulative GGP GPA; $4,000 per year for a 2.75-2.9 cumulative GGP GPA. Students who qualify for the $10,000 scholarship will receive nearly a twenty percent discount on total fees.

The UVM Global Gateway program provides English language support for international students who meet UVM admissions requirements. The program provides combines English training and 24-28 UVM course credits. This approach facilitates a smooth progression into degree success and helps students fully integrate into American university life while enjoying the complete UVM experience.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students can attend a scholarship informational interview which is currently being held at many international locations. Details about the interview dates can be found on the Facebook events page. The next interviews will be in Ho Chi Minh, Istanbul and Ankara; events have already taken place in Mexico, Colombia and Dubai.

Students can reserve their spot at an interview event by emailing If they cannot attend or there is not one that is near enough, they can still apply for the scholarship by sending in the application directly to the International Study Center. Applications can be downloaded here 


*Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago, Widener University near historic Philadelphia (Chester), James Madison University "the ultimate American undergraduate experience”, University of Maine with some of the countries best attractions: Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and Mt. Katahdin.


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