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University of Huddersfield International Study Centre improves the student experience in a unique way

18 July 2018

The most recent academic year saw the University of Huddersfield International Study Centre welcome Linda KcKeon to the role of Head of Centre. More recently, a student from the International Study Centre took over the role for a day.

Earlier in the year, Linda shadowed Linh, a student from Vietnam, to gain a more authentic international student experience and discover if there were ways to improve students’ time at the International Study Centre. Caring deeply about the student experience, Study Group saw the swap as an opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day life of international students and show students what really goes into running an International Study Centre.

Recently, Linh had the opportunity to become Linda for a day – joining her for meetings and working with her on admissions and recruitment activities. 

After a day working as the Head of Centre, Linh discovered that the role was multi-faceted and included both operational and educational responsibilities. Linh also discovered that the inner-workings of the International Study Centre were much bigger than she expected.

“What surprised me the most was that there were more staff working inside the International Office than I imagined” Lindh told us, when we spoke to her after the experiment. “This illustrated that there was a professional team for students all over the world. It was a pleasure to talk to them. I felt very privileged to visit.”

One of the biggest surprises for Linh was that the International Study Centre was a part of Study Group: “I was surprised how connected the whole network is. Linda has to maintain relationships with different colleagues in other centres.”

To find out what Linda discovered after spending a day as a student at the International Study Centre, read the first part of the experiment.

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