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UK International Study Centre Progression Success

26 February 2013

We are extremely pleased to report that our UK International Study Centres* had a very successful year with respect to student progression from the 2011-12 cohort. Over 88% of our completing students were offered a place to study at the host University. 9 of our 15 teaching centres had progression rates above 90%, and for the first time more than 2000 students successfully advanced through an International Study Centre (ISC).   

Our ISCs also successfully navigated a full educational oversight process with the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Due to changes in the UKBA rules, all our teaching centres require educational oversight with the body that is also responsible for assuring quality across all Universities in England and Wales. Success in achieving full confidence from the QAA is further evidence of the quality of provision across our ISC teaching centres.

* Our International Study Centres (ISCs) offer intensive courses of academic subjects, study skills and English language training. Each ISC is run by Study Group in partnership with the Universities.

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