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An open letter to students from CEO Emma Lancaster: Supporting students to achieve their educational dreams

13 May 2020

Study Group CEO Emma Lancaster speaks to students on her beliefs for the future with an open letter.

Study Group’s vision is to ‘build a better world through education’ and, despite the enormous challenges we all face at the moment because of COVID-19, we continue to strive for this.

For the last 25 years Study Group has taught international students from around the world, preparing them for degree level study as undergraduates and postgraduates in many of the world’s leading universities. Our students have gone on to succeed in law, business, science, accountancy and the humanities. They have taken up careers in multinational companies and in NGOs focused on public health and the environment. They are putting their education to good use. 

But those same students would tell you that it wasn’t always an easy journey. Moving away from home to study in another country takes courage, and preparing for university and learning new skills and a new language is a fulfilling but stretching endeavour. This has been made even more challenging lately because the impact of measures introduced around the world to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic have meant both local and international students have had to study online. 

Supporting students is more important than ever

At these times of stress, supporting students is more important than ever and we are determined that, just because students are learning at a distance at the moment, they are not alone. For that reason, our experienced student support and teaching colleagues are committed to new kinds of online support. In addition to face-to-face teaching, students have the opportunity to personally link to tutors and to their fellow students. Our staff includes experienced educators of students from different backgrounds and nationalities who are dedicated to helping students overcome personal and learning barriers so they can thrive. Sharing struggles as well as successes is welcomed as a healthy part of any learning experience which only goes to make final success even more meaningful. 

Keep your education on track

And part of our task is to reassure you that success is still possible and that we will help keep your education on track, even in these challenging times. Indeed, 82% of our successful International Study Centre students progress to their chosen university and we are working more closely than ever with universities to ensure students are well prepared. They too want to see students succeed, and they have made clear that they will recognise the qualifications earned by students online in these difficult times. We all look forward to seeing students in person as soon as we feel it is safe to do so. 

We are committed to supporting your success by offering you all the tools and support you need to achieve their educational potential. Those who have been here before you are already making a better world as they apply their education, and we look forward to helping new and future students achieve the same. 

Emma Lancaster, CEO of Study Group 

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