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Successful press and agent event in China

20 February 2017

A recent press and agent event in China was a great opportunity for David Leigh to highlight improvements in the China market.

China agents attending award ceremony

David Leigh, CEO of Study Group, spoke to press and agents about the newly implemented geographic coverage model, the increased support in the Central China region as well as the introduction of CareerAhead to our International Study Centres. It was also a chance for agents to provide valuable feedback about the trends and opportunities in the China market.

David spoke about process changes designed to provide increased support to agents in China, which in turn enables them to deliver a better service to prospective students. David also spoke about the changes to the payment process, which now facilitates payments processed through both Alipay and UnionPay in RMB.

The rapidly expanding economy in China presents opportunities to strengthen education pathways, and to better help students reach success, something that is only possible with the help of dedicated agents. Study Group works with more than 3,000 agents worldwide and held a dinner event to meet with existing agents and understand more about the current trends and opportunities in the China market from them agents themselves.

This event was also a chance to recognise agent contribution. An award ceremony celebrating market success took place after the dinner with a variety of awards being presented for market achievements such as the Best Strategic Partner, Best Feeder Partners and Best Business Partner. As thanks for their particupation attendants also received a gift bag, containing a cartoon drawing, to commemorate the evening.

Study Group would like to thank the agents as well as the journalists from SOHU, NETEASE, Guangmin, Tencent, Yidian and SINA among others, for attending the press conference. It was a great chance to share the Study Group values whilst also looking ahead and defining our goals for 2017 in the diverse and exciting China market.

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