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Study Group trials 'Flipped Learning' with huge success

10 October 2013

The revolutionary approach to lessons is being tested at Bellerbys College, after trials show it can boost grades.*

As the autumn term begins, Bellerbys College teachers and Learning Technology Advanced Practitioners will embark on a third cycle of action research. Study Group have been investigating how to carry out Flipped Learning in our teaching and learning contexts, and striving to identify the best practice.
What is Flipped learning?

Flipped technology is a reversed teaching model delivering instruction at home through interactive, teacher-created videos and moves ‘homework’ to the classroom.
Essentially teachers create a short ‘lecture’ for their students to watch online before class. Then, instead of using face-to-face time to deliver the subject knowledge, the students get a chance to apply, consolidate and use their learning completing tasks in the classroom. This is the concept of ‘flipping’ what usually happens in the classroom with homework.

It has sparked so much interest amongst our teachers that, after hearing pioneers Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams talking at the BETT show earlier this year, a group of teachers decided to try it out for themselves.
What have we found out so far?

Our students have responded overwhelmingly positively. Here are just some of the benefits students have identified:

  • They can watch videos as many times as they need
  • It is easy to pause the video to take notes
  • Many say they understand and remember the topics better
  • They found revision much easier

Teachers are also benefitting from the changes that Flipped Learning can bring to the classroom and will be presenting at an IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group event on Flipped Learning. The UK event will be hosted at Study Group’s Bellerbys College in Oxford.

What next?

Study Group are very pleased to have developed expertise over the first 2 cycles of this project, and plan to offer all our teaching staff the opportunity to engage. We will provide the necessary guidance and technical support as Study Group are committed to the best outcomes for all students.

* Gregory Ferenstein report, 18.09.2013.

The Flipped Classroom - Infographic from Knewton

Infographic courtesy of Knewton.

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Study Group trials 'Flipped Learning' with huge success