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Study Group helps international students achieve their academic goals while universities maintain diversity

25 August 2017

Study Group steps in where international students need support and partners universities in building an environment for success.

Study Group benefits both students and institutions when introducing international students to US universities, as has been recently documented in two articles published in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The first article discusses the benefits of international students studying at US universities, and how Study Group helps make this happen. From the students’ point of view, they get, “a unique, and often more prestigious, educational experience than they could get in their home countries”, while the universities achieve greater diversity on their campuses.

The article also points out that although highly qualified in many ways, some international applicants lack the language or other skills needed to succeed at degree-level study in the US. This is where Study Group steps in.

As highlighted by the article, on campuses where Study Group has International Study Centers, students are provided with a supportive environment where they receive English language instruction, work on study skills, and take courses on adjusting to life in the United States.

The second of the Chronicle articles on Study Group goes on to discuss how the current political climate in the United States may impact international student numbers.

The academic 2015-16 year was the first time more than one million international students studied in the US. But in the face of unpredictable immigration rules, US universities are uncertain about how to maintain their campus diversity and financial stability.

The article discusses how Study Group’s pathway programs help take the pressure off universities. It documents how Study Group helps universities “to successfully and quickly establish a pipeline of international students and facilitate their successful integration”.

Emily Williams Knight, Study Group’s Managing Director of Higher Education North America comments, “By accelerating universities’ ability to recruit internationally and facilitate the successful academic and cultural integration of these international students, pathways reduce risk to the institution. The result: universities benefit from our strong market insight and expertise that brings quality international students to their campuses.”

James Madison University (JMU) is Study Group’s longest standing partner university in the US. According to Linda Cabe Halpern, Vice Provost for University Programs at JMU: “This is an excellent university, but it’s not Harvard or Stanford. We were not going to be able to recruit large numbers of students whose English was already sufficient for direct entry.”

Initially Study Group helped the University respond to this challenge by setting up an on-campus English language preparation program. This partnership then led to the establishment of the International Study Center.

Halpern says, “It made a lot of sense to us, to have that yearlong soft landing, where students get acculturation to the expectations of an American university.” She explains that international students who begin with a pathway program at the International Study Center achieve higher grade point averages and better graduation rates than international students who are admitted directly.

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