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Post COVID-19 opportunities encourage Indian students to think carefully about overseas study

30 July 2020

Study Group’s Managing Director for the UK and Europe, James Pitman says education, hard work, and opportunity are key factors in success and adapting to change. This is an excerpt from an article originally published in India Today.  

At a time when economists expect global recession or worse, many universities and colleges are resolving questions of employability, placements, and internships in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. There has been a notable increase in health and medical-related job roles, especially in the UK and Canada. Several universities there are offering attractive placements and internships followed by the newly-confirmed opportunity to take up post-study work to Indian students.

Promising skills and job opportunities for students in the post-COVID 19 era

At times of economic difficulty, sound education becomes more important than ever. Yet there are several challenges amidst travel and gatherings restrictions.

Leading universities and international pathway providers around the world have offered online study programmes to students with the option of shifting to their onsite campuses when the coronavirus situation eases. The courses offered can unravel promising career opportunities especially for Indian students.

The rise in the demand for tailored courses

There has been a significant rise in the demand for tailored courses following the changing social and economic dynamics of the post-pandemic age. An age where accomplished professionals in segments such as healthcare, medicine, research, and technology shall be especially valued.

According to data shared by job searching site Glassdoor, the top five roles for students with the highest coronavirus-related employment openings include registered healthcare provision, communications, social work, project management, and technicians.

These roles offer direct health-care support to employers, as well as public health communication and data support.

James Pitman is Study Group’s managing director for UK and Europe and chair of Exporting Education UK.

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