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Onshore recruitment an open market

19 June 2012

A recent report by the Knowledge Partnership highlighted on The Pie News suggests that 50% of UCAS applications in 2008-2009 came from international students already studying in the UK.

Often overlooked in the past, onshore recruitment is an extremely important market for any education provider and this statistic shatters the estimates of 10% to 20% made by some universities. ‘Those applying from within the UK were also said to be twice as likely to “convert” into enrolments due to their higher level of English, recognised qualifications and greater finances.’

As part of the pre-university sector, these findings come as no surprise to Study Group. Lisa James Recruitment Manager, Higher Education UK & Europe has led the UK onshore recruitment team since its inception in 2010. “When I started looking into recruitment of international students who are already in the UK it became apparent, within a few months, what a large market it was. It was like going into a rock pool and picking up rocks, there was just so much potential.”

“When we first broke into the UK market, partnering with agents seemed the obvious thing to do and that achieved great results. But as the team expanded so rapidly, we saw there were other options too, and that’s how the Study Group Student Fair was born.”

The Study Group Fair is an event held in London each year that promotes all our products and partners in one place, showing the students who are already in the UK what is on offer. The data we receive at these shows confirms the Knowledge Partnership report, telling us that the students we recruit onshore come form feeder schools, language schools or other international Foundation year programmes.

This year the Study Group Fair will be held on Saturday 13th October 2012  

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