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New Pre-Master’s programs launched at Merrimack College

31 March 2015

Study Group is pleased to announce new student pathways to graduate study at Merrimack College.

Starting in Fall 2015, international students will be able to choose from four Pre-Master's programs at Merrimack College in Accounting, Management, Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. All four routes lead to graduate degrees at Merrimack Merrimack College, and they can be completed in 1 year.

These new programs accept 3 and 4 year undergraduate degrees with no GMAT or GRE test requirements. The Merrimack Pre-Master's courses combine engaging academic modules with English language training and cultural assimilation guidance. Students progress smoothly into their chosen graduate degree with knowledge and confidence.

Graduate programs at Merrimack provide students with professionally relevant skills through the course curriculum, potential co-ops, and internships.

Located just 40km away is Boston, where some of the country's most prestigious companies call home. This world famous city offers unlimited culture, entertainment, and activities. Fine dining, art museums, professional sports, and historic tourism are all available for students to explore.

  • Pre-Master’s programs at Merrimack are available from fall 2015.

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