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New online platform will help to ensure assessment rigour and student success

11 June 2020

Digital platform WISEflow will help uphold academic standards across English language assessment for Study Group’s International Study Centres and Colleges in the UK.

Following widespread adoption of new digital learning tools across higher education, it is imperative that assessment methods can uphold the same high academic standards as face-to-face testing. To assist in this important work, we are delighted to announce the successful implementation of WISEflow, a digital examination platform, which is now delivering Academic English Skills exams at all UK Centres and Colleges.

WISEflow is browser-based, making it easy for students and teachers to use from anywhere in the world. It offers a modern assessment environment that allows tutors to provide real-time guidance and support to students during examinations, mirroring the on-campus testing experience. During exams, teachers are able to restrict some functions on students’ devices to provide a distraction-free environment and reduce accidental plagiarism. Together, this provides a high-quality online learning experience for students.

For Study Group’s collaborating universities, WISEflow also offers additional reassurance as well as reliable and trustworthy results. During exams, automated snapshots can be taken via webcams to verify the students’ identities. Exams are also instantly reviewed for plagiarism and then submitted immediately for marking. This builds trust between all involved and yields quicker results.

Introducing this platform enhances the academic quality of Study Group’s programmes by ensuring that academic rigour is upheld across the online learning experience. Students can be confident they will maintain the high standards they have set themselves by joining a Study Group programme - respected by both leading universities and future employers.

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