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International Study Centre staff immerse in student life to understand more about the teaching and support at University of Huddersfield

30 April 2018

Head of Centre at University of Huddersfield International Study Centre takes a day off from her role to learn more about student experience first-hand.

Study Group’s collaborating university, University of Huddersfield, has welcomed a new Head of Centre to the International Study Centre. To gain a better understanding of the authentic student experience, Linda McKeon became a “student for a day”. Shadowing Linh, a student from Vietnam, Linda was able to gain a new perspective and understand the challenges international students face abroad.

She says: “It was a fantastic experience. It felt great to be an International Study Centre student. The highlight for me was the Academic English Skills class I attended. Everyone is expected to contribute and the students all had the confidence to do this. It is good to know how inclusive and safe our learning environment is for our students.”

Linda McKeon’s personal interaction with students and teachers demonstrates the active staff engagement Study Group encourages across our International Study Centres. She observed and commended the dedication teachers show to student achievement, and to realising students’ potential in a tailored way. She says: “The teachers are really supportive and focused on helping all students achieve their potential. I was impressed with the students’ enthusiasm for their learning.”

Later this year, International Foundation Year student Linh will have the unique opportunity to shadow Linda in her Head of Centre role, attending meetings and working on recruitment activity.

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