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International students in Australia and New Zealand move to online study

31 March 2020

Responding to the challenge of COVID-19, Study Group pathway students keep their education on track by studying online.

COVID-19 is challenging every part of life around the world but Study Group teachers and students are determined that it is not going to thwart their education.

When universities in Australia and New Zealand moved to face-to-face teaching on health grounds, teachers moved swiftly to support students through online teaching, support and assessment. This involved both supporting students who remained in their accommodation and those who have travelled home for the time being. The move to online has also included counselling support and career updates, and there are daily community activities on Zoom for students around staying healthy and connected. Study skills sessions are delivered through webinars and attendance has actually risen.

Teachers are reported to be delighted that the new teaching methods still result in high attendance and students appear happy. Staff are also exploring the potential to use Zoom for breakout rooms, enabling students to work in groups, communicate with each other and have the chance to better get to know one another and their teachers.

On the move online, one student at Taylors College Perth said: “Thank you! We really appreciate being able to work safely from our accommodation it has allowed us to stay and finish our course as parents wanted us home.

“I really like the pre-recorded videos and work set around them as it lets us stop and replay the video and work it ourselves if we don't understand and review it later, then call the teacher. If we can't, Zoom is clear and easy to use.”

Response from our Centres, Colleges, teachers and students

Taylors College Sydney

All our programs have now moved online, including:

  • Taylors College High School Program (62 students)
  • Academic English Preparation (80 students)
  • All foundation programs (The University of Sydney Preparation Program and the High Achievers Preparation Program) (1200 students) 

Students have provided positive feedback about the response to the COVID-19 challenge and have thanked staff for taking the extra time to develop and implement online training modules. Staff and teachers have commented that the transition was more successful than they anticipated, with a sense of excitement about supporting students in new ways.

Taylors College Perth

Timetabled classes are delivered live on Zoom, and staff are also setting quizzes, activities and providing pre-recorded videos via Study Smart. There are chatrooms for questions and consultation periods when students can phone or email for help. And the student support team has been trained in how to run wellbeing calls with students via Zoom and Skype, ensuring that our 200 students feel fully supported at this unprecedented time.

Taylors College Auckland

At Taylors College Auckland, 280 students are now studying online following the national lockdown in New Zealand on 25 of March. Staff report positive engagement from both teachers and students as everyone adjusts to the new technology.  While nobody yet knows how long they will need to study in this way, students and teachers are committed to ensuring education is not a casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

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