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'Feeder' partners deliver increased value

20 March 2013

One year ago Study Group created the Channel Development Team to develop 'Feeder' partner agreements. The increasing numbers of these agreements are already delivering greater value and ever greater number of students.

Expanding from a solid base in China the Channel Development Team, led by Mike Foster, has expanded into new markets in North, South and South East Asia and onshore in the UK. 

“The great thing about Channel Development is how closely it is aligned to Study Group’s new statement of purpose; it encapsulates both the commitment to supporting student aspirations, whilst realising Study Group’s commitment to develop a best-in-class sales and marketing capability” Mike Foster, head of the Channel Development team.

The Channel Development Team’s innovative and entrepreneurial approach accesses new markets and is helping new and mature Study Group products to grow. Key to this innovative approach are the multi-sector collaborations being established between Study Group and several other market leaders in education. Further developing the existing model of collaboration that has been so successful with NCUK and NCC, the Channel Development Team has concluded agreements with both Edexcel/Pearson and GAC (Global Assessment Certificate). These agreements allow us to offer International Year One and Diploma of Commerce programmes to A level, BTEC Level 3 and Foundation students who have not made the entry requirements for direct entry across hundreds of learning centres and schools worldwide.
And the advantages are not just in student numbers – these diverse opportunities are operated by a variety of different partners from existing agents, to high schools, universities and local foundation providers bringing Study Group closer to every part of the international education community.
Concluding, Mike says: “Study Group is evolving to maintain our position as a global leader in international education. As it does, Channel Development is poised to become a cornerstone of that evolution”.

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