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Dublin ISC graduate wins a prestigious award at University College Dublin

01 July 2014

An undergraduate student progressed from the Dublin International Study Centre to study for her Bachelor of Commerce at UCD.

Nurmeen Abdulkreem, an undergraduate student from Saudi Arabia, progressed from the Dublin International Study Centre (ISC), run by Study Group, to study for her Bachelor of Commerce at UCD.

Now in her second year of a three-year course, she has been awarded a prestigious scholarship in recognition of her high grades. To celebrate this achievement, we interviewed her to find out more about her incredible experiences in Dublin.

“I have achieved very high marks and very high grades and I am one of the top five students in Commerce”, Nurmeen told us.

“On the 7th of March, UCD did an awards day for all students who have achieved extraordinary marks in their courses, or high grades, and also they gave out medals and exceptions for students who were socially involved in UCD. The award I have received is a scholarship for my achievements, or my grades, in the first year in Commerce.”

“My course progress is excellent so far. I’m really proud of myself that I have achieved such results while being an international student.”

Nurmeen also told us that the International Study Centre gave her the right start in Dublin; “I’d say now I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I have achieved in UCD without the experience and knowledge I got from the Study Centre.”

“My English skills have improved and been enhanced (especially writing). For instance, I have learned many writing tips and rules that I was unaware even existed, and would still be unaware of had it not been a part of my experience.

This is just for English. When it comes to the other modules, I took Economics which is a subject that I had no knowledge of. It was indeed helpful as it was one of the core modules in my first year in UCD. I also studied Accounting which gave me the chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. “

Find out more about Nurmeen’s success and plans for the future in her video interview:

Full details of the study options available at our Dublin ISC can be found here.

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