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Bellerbys launches brand new website

17 February 2017

Study Group is delighted to announce the launch of a new website for Bellerbys College.


The site, which has been responsively designed from a mobile-first perspective, has been made available to the public today. The key objectives of the new site are to deliver an enhanced user experience to prospective students around the world, to drive awareness of Bellerbys College and its programmes, and to enable students to choose a course of study that will provide the very best university preparation for each individual.

The website has been designed by Creative Services, Study Group’s in-house creative agency. The team have collaborated with colleagues in Website Development, Digital Marketing, Bellerbys Marketing, College Principals, and with current Bellerbys students over the last six months. The result is a student-focused digital experience that conveys the revitalised brand proposition in a highly visual way, telling the Bellerbys story through authentic student voices.

Future developments for the site will include a new Chinese language website, other localised language versions of the site, and a Course Finder.

View the new Bellerbys website.

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