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Art and design programmes are increasingly popular amongst East Asian students, writes Charles Runacres, Principal at Bellerbys College Oxford

04 October 2016

In a recent article for Study Travel Magazine Charles Runacres discusses the increasing popularity of art and design programmes for East Asian students and how students can increase their employability.

"East Asian countries are beginning to shift their focus away from manufacturing and technology-based industries, and are investing more in their creative economies," writes Charles Runacres, Principal at Bellerbys College Oxford.

Mr Runacres describes how he has noticed during his tenure that there has been a growing interest amongst East Asian students for the arts, particularly fashion and graphic design.  This is beneficial for UK educational institutions because of the UK’s rich history in art and design subjects. As a leader in arts industries, UK institutions can offer greater opportunity than overseas competitors, he writes. Mr Runacres goes on to say:

"As a global leader in the creative industries, the UK should prove to be an increasingly popular study destination not just for East Asian students, but for any international student pursuing a career in art and design."

There are many ways international students can increase their employability in the creative sector, notes Mr Runacres. A foundation course at Bellerbys College before pursuing a university degree offers the opportunity for international students to adapt to the English way of learning. Students in these courses are encouraged to try new ideas and take risks, while receiving specialist support in university preparation.

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