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25 years of outstanding teaching

03 April 2020

An introduction to Study Group’s outstanding international Higher Education pathway programmes from our Chief Executive Officer, Emma Lancaster.

For a quarter of a century, Study Group has been providing the highest quality education to international students preparing to enter the world’s leading universities through its international Bellerbys Colleges in the UK and foundation and pathway programmes in the UK and EU, Australia and New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

From Sydney to London, our focus has been on outstanding teaching and support for students from well over 100 countries and our students have gone on to successful study and professional careers as a result. Study Group international graduates are lawyers, scientists, business leaders and environmentalists and our students go on to make a better world through education.

This past year I have been hugely proud to see our exceptional teaching and support staff rise to the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 and our students are being supported to complete their studies in country or back at home via online tuition and assessment. I’m delighted to say that we have worked closely with our university partners to ensure these studies will be recognised by them for admission into their institutions, which are likewise undertaking online teaching during this global health crisis.

Fortunately Study Group benefits from the expertise of some of the world’s leading researchers into online teaching and experts are working with our teachers to ensure students can continue to learn and thrive, supported by their teachers and as part of a cohort of peers.

Looking ahead, I am confident that our commitment to the highest quality teaching will continue to provide a vital bridge to students from around the world who hope to access the world’s leading universities as a vital step towards their own dreams and ambitions. As the leading provider of high-quality pathway programmes, our teaching methods will build on the best of our traditional skills augmented with the innovations currently taking place across Higher Education.

Emma Lancaster
Chief Executive Officer
Study Group

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