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Partnering Agents – Australia

As a Vocational Education and Training provider, Study Group Australia Pty Limited (Registered Training Organisation: 5806) is required to publish on its website the list of agents with which we have a written agreement.

Agent Commencement Date Current?
Australian Learning Institute /Australian Learning Institute Pty Ltd (SGA Partner) 27/06/2014 No
Acquire Learning Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)
14/04/2014 No
ActionCoach (SGA Partners) 16/06/2016
Advanced Training and Careers Pty Ltd, T/A Australian Training College
15/06/2015 No
Advanced Training and Careers Pty Ltd, T/A Australian Training College (SGA Partners)
11/05/2015 No
Acquire Learning Pty Ltd
14/04/2014 No
Ascent Learning (SGA Partner)
Aspire College of Education Pty Ltd
(SGA Partners)
01/12/2012 No
Aus Tutor (SGA Partner)
07/10/2016 No
Australian Training Colleges (SGA Partners) 9/03/2016 No
AVTO/ Australian Vocational Training Online Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)
02/05/2016 No
AVTO/ Australian Vocational Training Online Pty Ltd (SG Partners)
06/08/2015 No
Australian Careers Advisor (SGA Partner)
Australian Indigenous College Pty Ltd
(SGA Partners)
25/08/2014 No
B & Q Enterprises Pty Ltd T/A NextGen Careers & Training (SGA Partners) 18/08/2016 No
Business Focus Pty Ltd T/A Business Focus
06/01/2015 No
Career FAQ's/ Course Finder 01/01/2016 Yes
Career FAQ's/ Course Finder (SGA Partners)
24/06/2015 No
cBox Pty Ltd (SGA Partner)
06/09/2016 No
Cedar Education/ Willoh Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)  10/08/2015 No
Choice Learning (SGA Partners) 08/09/2015 No
College Link/ SSM (Aust) Pty Ltd (SGA Partner)
22/10/2015 No
Colleges Combined Pty Ltd
28/07/2016 No
Colleges Online Pty Ltd   03/02/2015 No
Contact Centres Australia Pty Ltd 20/04/2015 No
Conwal Institute (SGA Partners) 18/07/2016  No
Course Supply/ Student Supply Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)
27/02/2015 No
Sentiero Group Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 11/02/2016 No
Sentiero Group Pty Ltd
14/03/2016 No
Educate Australia (SGA Partner) 02/05/2016 No
Education Partners Pty Ltd, T/A Courses Now
23/02/2015 No
Education Platform (SGA Partner) 11/09/2016 No
Employment and Education / Employment and Education Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 11/09/2014 No
Employment and Education Pty Ltd 24/04/2016 No
Empowernet International Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)
06/04/2016 No
Entice Engage Retain (SGA Partners)
18/07/2016 No
Elite Colleges/ Elite Colleges Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)
17/06/2015 No
Entamio Corporate Services Pty Ltd ATF Enrich Training Unit Trust T/A Entamio
(SGA Partners)
17/07/2015 No
General Assembly (SGA Partner) 22/06/2016 No
iStudyOnline / iPower Foundation (SGA Partners) 13/05/2015 No
Study Up/ Study up Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 10/02/2015 No
Insight Research Pty Ltd (SGA Partner)
09/08/2016 No
I Want That Course (SGA Partners)
15/08/2016 No
I & M Investments Pty Ltd trading as Academix Australia (SGA Partners) 22/04/2016 No
Jack Media (SGA Partner)
12/10/2016 Yes
Lode Solutions Pty Ltd 10/03/2015 Yes
Lode Solutions Pty Ltd (SGA Partner)
11/02/2016 No
Link Education (SG Partners) 28/11/2014 No
iEducate / iEducate Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)  21/01/2015 No
Indigo Learning (SGA Partner) 07/06/2016
Funded Study (SGA Partner)
18/07/2016 No
Great Life Education / Patrick Roy Carlson (SGA Partners) 03/05/2015 No
Grow Online & Distance Education Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 06/07/2015 No
Advanced Pathways / D Kaakour & M Kirgiz (SGA Partners) 08/04/2015 No
Go Education / Go Education Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 03/06/2015 No
Hipages Group Pty Ltd, T/A Natural Therapy Pages Pty Ltd
01/01/2016 Yes
Ivy Institute Pty Ltd, T/A Ivy College (SGA Partners)
01/12/2013 No
MMC Group (SGA Partner) 18/07/2016 No
Mums Inc ( SGA Partners)  06/07/2015 No
Now Learning Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 26/06/2015 No
Now Learning Pty Ltd.
01/01/2016 Yes
Prosperity Recruitment (SGA Partners)
18/07/2016 No
Global Training and Recruitment Solutions / EHS (Everday Housing Solutions) Pty Ltd (SGA Partners)  9/07/2015 No
TDP Learning / TDP Learning Pty Ltd (SGA Partner)  28/07/2015 No
Study Now (SGA Partners) 11/06/2015 No
The Octopus Training Group Pty Ltd
Tibbar Global Pty Ltd T/A First Class Education Group
(SGA Partners)
19/02/2015 No
Train Station/ Basking Lizard Pty Ltd
(SGA Partners)
17/09/2014 No
I&M Investments (Academix) (SGA Partners) 27/10/2014 No
Path Group Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 01/12/2014 No
Path Group Pty Ltd
14/04/2015 No
RED Learning (SGA Partners) 14/04/2016 No
Seabreeze Communications Pty Ltd, T/A Health Times Australia Pty Ltd 01/01/2016 No
Levistar Education (SGA Partners) 30/04/2015 No
Upskill Learning Australia (SGA Partners)  20/07/2015 No
Upskilled Pty Ltd 27/03/2014 No
Upskilled Pty Ltd (SGA Partner) 18/07/2016 No
Pulse Qualified Pty Ltd (SGA Partner) 18/09/2016  No
Prosperity Recruitment (SGA Partners) 11/08/2016 No
Online Courses Australia Pty Ltd (SGA Partners) 02/03/2015 No
QK Education (SGA Partners) 18/07/2016  No
Select Careers (SGA Partners) 08/09/2015 No
Spot Jobs (SGA Partners) 18/07/2016 No
Step Into Training Services (SGA Partner) 18/07/2016 No
Your Courses Online/ Your Courses Online Pty Ltd
(SGA Partner)
02/12/2014 No
Venture Craft Pty Ltd, T/A Salon Staff 01/02/2016 No
Value Comparisons Australia Pty Ltd, T/A Compare Courses
08/01/2015 No
National Training and Development Pty Ltd
09/12/2014 No
The Careers Group Pty Ltd, T/A Funded Learning
17/10/2014 No
The Careers Group Pty Ltd, T/A Funded Learning
(SGA Partners)
06/05/2014 No
The Trustee for Off the Chain Marketing Trust, T/A Institute of Careers
07/01/2015 No
The Trustee for Rajan Family Trust, T/A Lets Get Qualified
01/10/2014 No

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