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Study Group Limited (UK and Europe) Governance

Study Group Limited is a private limited company operating in the UK and Europe (company number 02325576) delivering RQF level 3, 4 and 6 provision via its network of International Study Centres/Colleges (ISC), which are operated in partnership with universities. It is also the proprietor of Bellerbys College, through which it delivers A Levels and university pathway programmes.

Study Group is regulated in the UK by the Office for Students (OfS).

Bellerbys College receives dual educational oversight from the Office for Students and the Independent Schools Inspectorate’s Private Further Education Framework.


Study Group Limited Board of Directors

The Study Group Limited Board is responsible for overseeing the legal and regulatory responsibilities for Study Group’s operation within the UK and Europe.

The Board is composed of the Directors of SGL:

  • Sir Keith Burnett, Non-Executive Chairman
  • Alison Allden, Non-Executive Director
  • James Pitman, Manager Director, Chief Development Officer, UK and Europe
  • Dr Mark Cunnington, Chief Operating Officer, UK and Europe
  • Nick Williams, Chief Financial Officer

In addition, Board meetings are attended by the Chairs of Study Group Limited Committees and key personnel from the organisation, including, but not limited to, the:

  • Chief Legal Officer
  • Director of Governance, Risk, Assurance and Compliance
  • Director for Student Success
  • ISC Directors
  • Commercial Finance Director
  • Senior Advisor, Academic

Study Group Limited Terms of Reference


The Study Group Limited Board has established the following committees. Reports from each committee chair are a standing agenda item at each Board meeting.

Academic Board

The senior academic deliberative body that is responsible for the design, monitoring and implementation of the academic quality assurance and enhancement framework. Academic Board provides assurance to the Board of the effectiveness of academic governance, and is responsible for approving academic policies and procedures.

Bellerbys College Advisory Board

Established to provide expertise and to advise the SGL Board in its role as proprietor of Bellerbys College, the Bellerbys College Advisory Board consists of independent members, with a wealth of experience and expertise relevant to the independent school sector, as well as internal experts. Barbara Harrison, former CEO of the Girls’ Day School Trust, is the non-executive Chair of the Board.

Read more about the governance arrangements for Bellerbys College here.

UK/EU Compliance, Risk and Assurance Board

Responsible for ensuring top grade in every area of compliance, the Compliance, Risk and Assurance Board (CRAB) provides a forum for key stakeholders to report on matters relating to risk and compliance. In addition to reporting to the Study Group Limited Board, CRAB also reports to the Global Compliance, Risk and Assurance Board (GCRAB) which is part of Study Group’s global governance.

Partnership Development Group

The Partnership Development Group (PDG) is responsible for managing and overseeing relationships with, and development of, university partnerships. PDG is tasked with overseeing and approving new product development business cases, approving partnership development plans and managing contract risk.

Student Experience Committee

The Student Experience Committee (SEC) oversees the management, monitoring and operationalisation of activity contributing to student success. The committee also oversees aspects of student success relating to points of admission and exit, campus experience and student satisfaction.

Study Group Limited Governance Structure

If you have any questions relating to Study Group Limited’s governance arrangements, including agendas and minutes, then please contact


Executive Leadership Team for the UK and Europe

  • Dr Mark Cunnington, Chief Operating Officer
  • Paul Cawley, ISC Director
  • Melinda Tan, ISC Director
  • Vaughan Leyshon, ISC Director
  • Professor Paul McDermott, Director for Student Success
  • Peter Skillen, Director of Governance, Risk, Assurance and Compliance
  • Edward Harrison, Development Director
  • Ed Griffin, HR Director
  • Matthew Tyler-Smith, Estates Director
  • Nick Hudson, Director of Student Experience
  • Toni Betts, Commercial Finance Director
  • Simon Greenslade, Senior Product Director
  • Ana Barco, Director, Global Product Marketing

Student Protection Plan

View the Student Protection Plan, prepared as part of Study Group’s application for registration with the Office for Students. This policy applies to all students studying at an International Study Centre within the UK.

Student Protection Plan

Study Group HE UK Student Transfer Policy

View the student transfer policy, which outlines the mechanisms and controls that are in place to facilitate progression to an undergraduate or postgraduate course at a partner university, as well as the process for a student to transfer onto another pathway programme partway through their study.

Study Group Student Transfer Policy

Financial Statements for Study Group Limited

Click below to view the financial statements for Study Group Limited, the legal entity operating in the UK and Europe. Please note that prior to 2020, the legal name for Study Group Limited was Bellerbys Educational Services Limited.