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Implementing an International Student Pathway Program to internationalize your campus and grow international student enrollment may seem daunting. International recruitment is more competitive than ever, and the effort to teach and support students from around the world can overwhelm your faculty and staff. It doesn't have to.

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Partnering with Study Group means you are not only benefitting from more than 24 years of experience in international higher education but also our expertise in teaching international students, and navigating the complex international student recruitment market. Most importantly, you can begin executing an internationalization strategy, recruiting students to your university without any upfront capital or cash investment.     

Study Group Services 

Partners benefit from Study Group’s global infrastructure of marketing and recruitment resources and relationships that are unparalleled in both scope and quality. Additionally, we have an admissions process that puts the care of the students first, and educational and student support services which have given Study Group its reputation as a premier international education company.

Offering flexible models of partnership, Study Group works with each university partner to achieve their individual goals while delivering consistent quality and service to every student. We build your brand, not our own, and attract the right students through relationships with more than 5,000 education counselor agencies in more than 145 countries, each of whom are held to the highest standards of excellence and ethics in recruitment.

International students enrich a university’s campus and provide enhanced revenue stability. Through a university pathway partnership with Study Group, recruiting quality international students and ensuring their success could not be easier. Beyond establishing a pathway, your university also benefits from relationships with more than 50 elite universities around the world; more than any other pathway provider.