United States of America

The USA offers one of the best higher education models in the world. Study Group works with a wide range of universities, each with a unique approach so there's somewhere suitable for everyone.

Baylor University campus and surroundings

Each university in Study Group’s North American portfolio is unique, providing students the ability to choose the university that is the best cultural, financial and programmatic match. We work with each student to ensure their university of choice aligns to their goals. The result: students who are a great academic and cultural fit to the university and enhance the campus, creating an inclusive and rich environment for all.  

International students thrive in USA Pathway Programs

Entering university via a pathway provides students a sheltered environment wherein they enhance their English language proficiency, acculturate to life in the USA, and take academic courses toward their chosen degree. This unique combination of enhanced first year coursework provides the student with the additional support and skills needed to achieve academic results often exceeding those of the international students enrolling directly into the university. 

Partnering with Study Group to implement a Pathway Program benefits our university partners in ways that far surpass the financial gain of increased enrollment. International students add an important dimension to the cultural fabric of campus life, and provide domestic students with direct exposure to the global world in which they live. Working collaboratively with the university faculty and staff throughout the relationship, Study Group prepares universities for the arrival and impact of an increased international student population on campus. Year after year, through a commitment to students first and a belief in the power of teamwork, we produce outcomes for pathway students far exceeding industry averages.


USA Pathway and Direct Admit Partners



Completed their pathway program during the 2019-20 academic year



Progressed to their university degree during the 2019-20 academic year



Satisfied with their pathway program during the 2019-2020 academic year

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