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Partner commission information

If you are a Study Group Prime or Commission contact, here is the information to help you access your commission statements online.

Email with questions on accessing the account

Email with questions on commission payments and statements

Email with questions on commission payments and statements for your Embassy English student bookings

How to access your statements

Log in to Partner Commission with your Study Group account.



  • The link to Partner Commission is found in your commission statement email
  • Your Study Group account allows you to log into Partners Portal, Course Finder and Embassy Partners
  • After logging in, you can view your statements under the ‘My Report’ window

Partner Commission is best viewed with Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox browser. You can configure how you view your online statements:

  • Click on the tool/settings' icon on the top right corner of the ‘My Report’ window to change the layout of the boxes on your screen
  • Click on ‘Change width of widget’ and select ‘Narrow’, ‘Normal’ or ‘Wide’ to change how the boxes are positioned on your screen
  • Select ‘List’ or ‘Folders’ to change how your reports appear

If you are facing issues logging out and into Partner Commission, please close your browser and start again.

Password reset

  • If you don’t have a password or have forgotten it, click on ‘Forgot your password’, or reset it here and follow the instructions

Register for an account

  • If you don’t have a Study Group account, click on ‘Register for an account’, or register for one here.
  • Fill in the details with your agent URN and click ‘Submit’
  • Follow the instructions to set up a Study Group account. You can now view your commission statements with your email address and password

You need to be identified as a prime or commission contact to access Partner Commission. If you are unable to log into Partner Commission, speak to your Partner Sales Manager or email

Commission statement structure
The statement shows you a summary of your commission payments for the courses your students have enrolled in. It includes Base Commission, Follow-On Commission, Partner Rewards and other Bonuses.

Glossary of the terms:

Statement Sections

Column Title


Base Commission

Details of your base commission earned for all student courses commencing within the period.

Follow-On Commission

Details of Follow-On Commission paid for students who progress after completion of their foundation studies

Partner Rewards Bonus

Volume-based reward system, payment made for numbers of new students enrolled in the period at the agreed payout rate

Ad-hoc Bonus

Additional incentives on top of the above, paid for new student enrolments at specific centres or who meet other enrolment criteria


Statement Detail

Column Title


Agent URN

For agent groups only, this will indicate which specific agency branch has earned the commission

Student ID

The unique Study Group student identification number for each student

Booking ID

The unique booking identification reference, useful when your students have studied at multiple Study Group centres

Student Name

Your students’ name in “First Name Family Name” format


The Study Group brand your students are studying with


The Study Group centres your students study at


The specific course studied by your students

Start Date

Start date of each students’ course

End Date

End date of each students’ course


The commissionable price of the course studied

Commission amount

The commission amount earned and paid for the specified students’ course


The subtotal lines will show the total amount earned by currency, for each different type of commission