CareerAhead is a service designed to give students a head start in today’s competitive graduate employment market by helping them become confident, highly skilled and extremely employable graduates.


Developing the skills for success

Study Group recognises that international students are increasingly looking for quality programmes for academic success and developing career skills that help them fulfil their career ambitions. 

Support at every stage

It provides career support at every stage – highlighting to students and parents how a well-defined plan can prepare students for their careers right from enrolment through to post-progression. 

As well as supporting students to develop valuable employment skills, the CareerAhead programme increases student engagement with existing campus based facilities, services and other development opportunities for increased learning.

CareerAhead activities include:

  • Keeping a reflective diary;
  • Completing the bespoke Study Group Student Skills Review, identifying personal strengths and areas for development;
  • Writing a personal development plan.

Through CareerAhead activities, students will:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness and personal skills development;
  • Acquire knowledge about the ‘world of work’
  • Undertake self-reflection and take action to improve;
  • Develop an awareness of the need to take responsibility for their own future.

CareerAhead employability activities are delivered at all Study Group International Study Centres.