Global reach

Study Group has the most extensive global marketing and recruitment network in the industry, helping the institutions we work with to connect with international students in over 145 countries.

Global reach

Taking your institution to the far corners of the globe

Many universities and colleges have strong links with particular areas of the world, usually forged around a specific faculty. With over 30 international offices and over 200 education counsellors, Study Group enables universities and colleges to expand that reach, connecting with a diverse cohort of potential students right around the world.

Brand and market experts working together

Study Group’s international team consists of two separate disciplines.

  • Our brand teams face into the institutions we collaborate with, acting as an extension of your marketing department. They’ll advise on the right messaging and produce culturally appropriate campaigns in local languages, in print and online.
  • Our market teams are experts in the field. They know when to recruit, how best to approach each high school or college and the effect that changing government legislation or recent changes in public opinion may have on the flow of international students.

Vital support on the ground

For most students considering international study, it’s a major decision, not made lightly. Working through a carefully selected network of agents, we are available on the ground to help guide each student, from deciding where to go and what to study, to plotting a smooth route through visa applications.

Our paramount concern is to ensure that every student follows a path that will create the best personal outcome. This in turn ensures excellent progression rates, a fulfilling and sustainable relationship with you and your institution, and a virtuous circle of feedback into the student’s home community.

200 education counsellors, 33 offices in key recruitment markets worldwide

We have a ten year history of successful alumni from particular high schools

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