CareerAhead is a service designed to give students a head start in today’s competitive graduate employment market by helping them become confident, highly skilled and extremely employable graduates.


Developing the skills for success

Study Group recognises that international students are increasingly looking for quality programmes for academic success and developing career skills that help them fulfil their career ambitions. 

CareerAhead is the first programme among pathway providers to focus on improving international student employment outcomes as a part of the academic curriculum at the ISC.

Support at every stage

It provides career support at every stage – highlighting to students and parents how a well-defined plan can prepare students for their careers right from enrolment through to post-progression. 

It is available without any additional cost across the Study Group global ISC network, providing a choice of high quality programmes in UK, Europe, North America and Australasia.

As well as providing students with valuable employment skills, the CareerAhead programme increases student engagement with existing campus based facilities, services and other development opportunities for better learning.

Where is CareerAhead offered?

CareerAhead is available at the following institutions:

UK and Europe

University of Sussex

University of Huddersfield
Holland ISC, Amsterdam
Istituto Marangoni
Lancaster University
University of Leeds
Leeds Beckett University
University of Leicester
University of Lincoln
Liverpool John Moores University
University of Law
Coventry University, London
Keele University
Kingston University
Royal Holloway University of London
University of Sheffield
University of Strathclyde
University of Surrey

Australia and New Zealand

Australian National University College
Taylors College, Auckland (Auckland Foundation Year)
Charles Sturt University
Flinders ISC
Taylors, Perth (The University of Western Australia)
Taylors, Sydney (University of Sydney)

USA and Canada

James Madison University
Merrimack College
Roosevelt University
Royal Roads University
Widener University

Offered at


global institutions