Working with Institutions

Working with partners

At Study Group, we develop individual relationships with universities and colleges around the world, working hard to meet your specific academic, cultural and business goals. No two relationships are ever the same.

Creating relationships that benefit everyone

Study Group understands that each educational institution is rightly protective of its heritage, its academic focus and its direction. That’s why we create individual relationships, developing unique academic pathways that meet your vision and fulfil the ambitions of international students worldwide.

Helping attract a culturally diverse international student body

Our unparalleled global reach enables us to recruit high quality students from 130 countries. When you collaborate with us, you will find you are represented by an experienced network of over 200 local marketers and student counsellors, expanding your catchment area and introducing students from countries you might never have reached in the past.

Achieving remarkable progression rates

Recruitment is only the beginning of the journey. Our unique International Study Centres created on your campus help students make the transition to their chosen course. Our expertise in this area achieves 90% progression rates, ensuring students get the outcomes they dream of and you get quality, committed students, ready to study.

Taking care of all the details

As well as programme development and student recruitment, Study Group can take care of all the other issues around successful international student tutoring. Our deep skills in student welfare management are second to none. We can also take care of back office administration, regulatory management and real estate selection and management too.

The vision to take you further

Our global footprint gives us the opportunity to explore new collaboration approaches too. Distance learning, offshore campuses, home country preparation and new geographic centres for provision are just a few of the approaches we are developing with institutions.

Study Group works with universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

The University of Sydney Foundation Program students are performing at levels competitive with local entry HSC students and, in a handful Units Of Study, they have produced the highest average marks. We can conclude that USFP students have been well prepared for the academically challenging highly competitive environment of Sydney.

Dr Rachel Wilson, Dr John Hughes, "USFP Tracer Study Final Report"

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