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Study Group has been committed to international education for over 25 years and operates in over 30 countries around the world. Our staff and students come from 125 nations united in a shared purpose - to make a better world through education.

A diverse and welcoming community

Study Group’s staff and student community is built on a foundation of respect for one another and for the community, society and the legal frameworks in which we operate. Diversity is celebrated. Difference is welcome.

Our aim is to build communities in which all can feel welcome, and to create a sense of belonging in which we all can achieve our potential and thrive.

Study Group believes diversity is a strength and that diverse communities and teams achieve more and learn new and important things from one another.

We value everyone’s voice. We appreciate different perspectives because we know great minds don’t all think alike. By actively celebrating the strengths of our diverse community, we are committed to enabling all to succeed and grow.

Leaders in international education

Study Group is an ambitious organisation, committed to the growth of our students and our staff. People join us because they want to be part of a success story and make a positive impact. We are proud of the difference our alumni go on to make in their lives and careers, and in the world around us.

As a progressive organisation, we are keen to be at the leading edge of international education. In everything we do, we are committed to learn as well as teach. We know our continued success and that of our students depends on our willingness to listen and to learn. From our senior leaders to team members across the world, education and learning is central to how we work. We are all students in that sense.

Building our future together

Finally, we know that the most successful organisations are made up not only of individuals but of teams. We make our greatest strides as one team. We build our future together.

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