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School Project, Cambodia

Supporting pre-school education in the Kampong Chan province in Cambodia.

Opening the school in Cambodia

The need

The civil war in Cambodia destroyed the education infrastructure and killed a lot of personnel. Over the last decade there has been a substantial increase in primary school expansion, but it’s just not enough. The government aims to have 75% of children aged five and 50% of children aged three in early education by 2015. Right now, these targets are falling short of the mid-term goals with many children in rural areas having far fewer opportunities than their city counterparts.

What we achieved

This project involved two primary schools – Reul and Cheung Ang – in the Kampong Chan province of Cambodia. The project constructed two pre-school buildings in two different villages, each with six classrooms and equipped with child-friendly tables and chairs. The schools have playgrounds, toilet blocks and an outdoor play area. The project also organised community awareness sessions on child enrolment so parents and caregivers could learn about the importance of pre-school education for their children. In January 2013, Study Group’s Marnie Watson and Alex Lawrie visited the schools being funded by this project.

The impact

The project was completed with 42 pre-school children aged three to five enrolled at Reul primary school. The aim was to see 150 children in school for the new academic year in October 2013, with hundreds more benefitting in the future. Eleven education officers were appointed and trained in management and in early childhood teaching approaches. The government also appointed six new teachers for the schools.