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Zounzounkanme Primary School, Benin

Study Group funded the construction, furnishing and equipping of Zounzounkanme Primary School and the training of approximately 400 teachers from the district of Klouekanme, resulting in an improvement to the standard of teaching in 66 villages across the region.

Building Futures
Building Futures Benin

The handover of the completed project was a highly celebrated event, attended by the Mayor, the National Education Advisor and numerous other officials and community members, as well as pupils and their families.

Teacher in Benin

The need

Zounzounkanme Primary School had three blocks of classrooms attended by 452 pupils – 255 boys and 197 girls. The school didn’t have enough furniture or resources to provide a quality education. There were no latrines. Motivation was low among both teachers and pupils and the teachers had little formal training.

What we achieved

The project aimed to ensure that the children of Zounzounkanme had access to a good education in a clean environment, with qualified teachers and adequate resources. Managed by the experienced NGO, Plan International, this project included the construction of a three-classroom block, a library, a principal’s office, a storeroom and the provision of books, furniture, latrines and a water tank.

The impact

The new classrooms and resources have created an environment for quality learning. Latrines help to improve health and provide privacy, which is particularly important in helping to encourage girls to continue to attend school. Training teachers has a long-lasting and sustainable impact on pupils and the wider community.