Building Futures Social Responsibility

Study Group’s corporate fundraising initiative ‘Building Futures’ has been supporting educational projects in developing countries for more than 12 years.

Partnering with Plan International

Plan International is a non-profit development and humanitarian organisation supporting children’s rights and gender equality. Plan runs projects in more than 50 developing countries to ensure children have access to food, clean water, health, protection and play.

We partnered with Plan for our first Building Futures project in direct response to the devastation caused by the Asian tsunami in 2004. A village in Aceh, Indonesia was at the centre of the earthquake and tsunami, and the school was completely destroyed. Study Group staff and students raised money to reconstruct the school and also provide temporary education and support while the building work was in progress.  

Highlights from working with Plan for the last 12 years include:

  • 10 projects in Benin, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam
  • £700,000 raised for education projects

Access to education

Building Futures is committed to long-term, sustainable education projects in developing regions. Supporting some of the world’s poorest children, our projects construct schools and improve access to quality education in these communities. 

Working closely with the local community, our projects deliver quality teaching, resources and materials, as well as improved sanitary conditions and a safe environment for children to learn.

Building Back Better

Plan International’s mission is to Build Back Better. This means providing safer, more resilient buildings and infrastructure, and involving the local community from the start. Not only constructing buildings, our projects support communities to recover from trauma, build support networks and improve knowledge. By bringing the community along with the project as they invest time and ideas, we can look to achieve long-term success after the initial project is completed.

Latest project

Over one million children in Nepal were left without access to schooling after two devastating earthquakes in 2015. The Sindhupalchok District was one of the worst affected areas, so in 2016, we began an 18-month fundraising project to build a new school here. 

The results: 

  • £220,000 raised for a new school in Nepal
  • 286 children in Nepal will have access to safer education

Fundraising initiatives

Study Group staff and students from around the world support Building Futures with fundraising events, from sponsored global cycle rides and marathons to bake sales and concerts. 

£700,000 raised  for education projects