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Building Futures

Building Futures staff visiting the Van Han Commune school in Vietnam

Study Group’s fundraising initiative ‘Building Futures’ is supported by a combination of corporate donations as well as employee and student fundraising.

A sustainable commitment to local communities

The vision for Building Futures is for Study Group to provide a long-term, sustainable commitment to educational projects in developing regions. Specifically, the ambition is to support communities through the building of schools and the provision of education materials and resources.

Our latest project

Over 1 million children in Nepal were left without access to schooling after two devastating earthquakes in 2015. We want to help restore education for children living in earthquake-affected communities in Nepal. Our tenth project is in the Sindhupalchowk district, and plans to build a new school with improved facilities and infrastructure that will withstand future disasters.

Ten years and counting

Conceived as a direct response to the devastation and loss caused by the Asian Tsunami in 2004, Building Futures has gone on to support projects all over the world, including Aceh (Indonesia), Zounzounkanme (Benin) Codó Nova (Brazil), Liu Shu (China), Van Han Commune (Vietnam), Dosso and Tillaberi Districts (Niger), our school project in Cambodia, the Vehari District (Pakistan), and our most recent project in Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka). 

    Fundraising by staff and students

    Staff and students regularly organise and participate in fundraising events to raise money for our projects, in all of our centres worldwide, which are carried out by development organisation, Plan International.