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Academic Manager

Closing date for applications: 30th August 2016

Job Purpose

The Academic Manager has the task of leading and managing the academic life of the school as well as playing a crucial role in whole-school strategy and development by:

Leading a team of teachers, ensuring that all courses are delivered to highest quality standards, following the agreed delivery models and utilize agreed assessment modes and progress tracking, resulting in the best possible outcomes for students and the best possible student experience.

Managing the delivery of an agreed continuing professional development program ensuring that training, development and staff communication is effective.

Ensuring compliance with legislative guidelines and accreditation standards.

Key Responsibilities

Customer satisfaction with their course

  • Ensure highest quality course delivery
  • Drive quality processes in student placement, induction / orientation, teaching, testing, course completion, & leaving procedures 
  • Monitor student progress and evaluation
  • Monitor student action plans
  • Ensure study and language assistance where required 
  • Act as first point of contact for students, from entry to exit
  • Monitor student satisfaction on an on-going basis and make adjustments 
  • Counsel students as required or refer to relevant source of assistance 

Academic Budget Management

Control academic delivery costs, including teaching costs by:

  • Maintaining optimum teacher & classroom utilization 
  • Classing & scheduling 
  • Maximizing class ratios
  • Forward planning, staffing and scheduling


  • Deliver on the brochure promise, delivering all programs / courses at appropriate levels
  • Comply with accreditation standards
  • Participate in internal reviews

Staffing, management and development

  • Interview and recruit new staff
  • Provide teacher coverage: sickness, vacation, supervise non-teaching duties where applicable
  • Responsible for organizing teacher observation schedule
  • Manage on-going professional development program
  • Ensure staff training and development is effective
  • Promote team spirit at all levels 
  • Ensure full communication with all employees within center
  • Manage staff performance

Academic strategy & development

  • Participate in regional AM meetings 
  • Initiate & implement Embassy academic strategies agreed annually 
  • Raise Embassy’s profile and reputation internally and externally within the profession, especially with respect to learning technologies and BETL

Teaching resources

  • Maintain & develop resources and materials

Safeguarding & Welfare

  • Promoting and safeguarding the welfare of students for who you are responsible for and with whom you come into contact

Selection Criteria

Qualifications & Training

  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • CELTA, DELTA or other recognized TEFL qualification 
  • Master’s degree in TESOL or related field preferred

Experience Required

  • At least six months of full-time ESL teaching experience
  • Experience in ESL curriculum development preferred

Knowledge and Skills

  • Relevant management experience (including all phases of the employment cycle).
  • Demonstrated leadership and coordination skills 
  • Highly developed interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills, with demonstrated ability to deal with confidential and sensitive matters.
  • Demonstrated written communication skills 
  • Proven ability to lead and implement change to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in an educational setting.
  • Demonstrated commitment to quality assurance in teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the enhancement of student outcomes
  • Skill and demonstrated ability to competently use the MS Office Suite, email and internet applications
  • Knowledge of the International education legislative environment
  • Experience working in a multicultural education environment
  • Experience in developing academic development/mentoring initiatives
  • Ability to work in a fluid environment
  • Sense of humor


To apply please complete the online application form and attach your CV and a cover letter.